Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Trying New Foods

Two years ago, when Noah began the Diet, I remember feeling "freaked out" that he wouldn't be getting his fruits and veges..... a balanced diet..... Finally, our Dietitian said, "Cathy, 90% of his diet is Fat! No matter what little things you throw in there to make yourself feel like it looks more healthy or a little more balanced, his meals will still be 90% fat!" I realized at that moment how important it was for Noah to enjoy his meals. I didn't get hung up on trying "new" foods.

With my other children, I do not design meals according to their tastes. We eat the meal that I fix. In fact, my rule is - Try everything at least once. If I fix a vege you aren't fond of, guess what..... I've got another vege on the table. But if you don't eat all of your dinner, you can't get into the refrigerator the rest of the evening (except for water).

Am I harsh? No ..... I'm just not a short order cook. I proudly took on their food battles when they were younger and it has made our lives much more enjoyable. They try new foods willingly and eat fabulously when we are dining out or at other people's homes. I love it!

Anyway........ for Noah and the Keto Diet, it was all about eating the meal and eating it all! So, I've spent the past 2 years talking with Noah to find out what food he wants. I do my best to put meals together that he enjoys. In fact, this picture shows Noah with his favorite meal. "Noah Ice Cream." It's Heavy Whipping Cream (whipped), mixed with a small amount of melted Coconut Oil, some peanut butter, chopped pecans, Bickford Chocolate Flavoring and a titch of Splenda. Freeze it and serve in a cute bowl or sundae glass. He loves it. It actually smells like a Peanut Butter and Chocolate Pecan Ice Cream.

Recently..........I decided to try some veges and mayo with him. Normally, he cannot stand mayo. It's just not part of his diet (not fighting the battle with the Keto kid!). I sprinkled a titch of powdered ranch dressing to some mayo, sliced some carrots and celery and added some cheese slices to the plate. To my surprise...he LOVED it! He was so proud of himself for trying something new too!

My husband turned 40 last month. We went out to sushi that night to celebrate. My two older boys hadn't had sushi. I'm only a California Roll type wimpy sushi person and over the years I haven't been the best "sushi buddy" for my hubby that loves loves loves sushi! The two older boys loved it! Noah watched the entire meal, our reactions to the boys trying something new, and he loved the colors in the foods that we ate. A few days later, I asked Noah if he wanted to try some sushi. He was ecstatic! I sauteed a few shrimp, added some small globs of cream cheese to each, a few sliced carrots on the plate for color and butter candies on the side. (A butter candy is melted butter mixed with coconut oil & cinnamon. Poured into a small tinfoil wrapper and frozen. I pop them on his plate. He peels the foil off and eats his "butter candy.") He loved the "Noah Sushi" meal. It made him feel confident and adventurous.

I wouldn't worry about variety or balancing the meal or forcing new foods. But every once in a while, try to capitalize on the excitement of an experience to create something new and fun for your keto kid. I was surprised by his positive response. Hopefully you will be too!

**Maybe if I could convince him to eat a meal that Batman or Spiderman ate on a regular basis, he would eat that too;> Hee Hee Hee

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