Thursday, December 2, 2010

Not A Lot of Growth

Today's Quotes from Noah -
"Will I still be this size when I am old?"

another sweet but hard to hear comment...

"My friend is growing like a weed and I am growing like a snail."

Being small isn't all that bad unless EVERYONE you meet comments on how little you look. Being small isn't that bad unless all of the other 7 year olds are 7"-8" taller than you. Being small isn't hard unless every where you go kids younger than you talk to you like you are a 3 year old. Being small isn't too bad unless you still can't ride many amusement park rides with your family so you have to wait with your Mom or Dad in the "Baby Swap" rooms while your brothers go on the coasters. Being small isn't too bad unless you are still sitting in a booster seat in your Mom's minivan. Being small isn't the worst thing but it isn't always fun either.

Noah began the Diet 4 years ago when he was 3 years old. He weighed 35 lbs at that time. He was the average sized 3 year old both in weight and height. Today, at age 7, Noah is 40 lbs, on a good day, and 42" tall. That is the average weight and height of today's four year old child.
Could it be because of Ketogenics? Absolutely. Growth delays are a possible side affect of the Diet. But, "they say" that once these kiddos stop the Diet, many experience a surge in height. Our little friend that was seizure free after 2 years of Ketogenics grew like a weed after weaning away from the Diet. Within two months, his shoulders broadened and his height soared. He is a tall boy now without any issues.

Could it be genetics? Sure. My sweet husband's Grandmother and Mother are not tall people. I believe his Grandma was about 5'. I think his Mom is about 5'3". Actually, my husband and I are 5'6". Definitely not the tallest in our families. My Dad is 6'0" and my Mother is 5'11". Tallies!

So which do we hope is at the root of Noah's possible physical growth delay? It doesn't really matter. We would take seizure freedom over height any day but it is dang hard to keep Noah's spirits up when he is feeling so different from his friends because of his Keto lifestyle and now his smaller size too.

He is a sweet boy. I love my Keto Kid!


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