Saturday, September 19, 2009

"The Battle"

Tina is a Keto Mom that wrote a post on our Keto Yahoo Group the other day. It was so touching and perfectly describes some of the challenges that can come with Ketogenics.

Thank You to Tina for being so open and honest. Thanks for letting me share this on my blog!

I encourage you all to join the Keto Yahoo Parent's Group. The support is phenomenal and it's a place that you can share every struggle and every happiness. It creates an immediate support group that you will need. You do not have to tackle Ketogenics alone.

Thanks again Tina for "The Battle."

Everyday I get up and fight a battle. Three battles a day really. It is between me and my 3 year old son. It happens at every meal. It isn't so much a battle over what to eat, it is over how much to eat. He decides he is done eating before his food is all gone. I can put the same bite into his mouth 50 times and he will spit the same bite of food out 50 times. At the end of this game of spit out the food, both he and I are frustrated. I am frustrated for many reasons, he just because I keep trying to get him to take a bite. I am frustrated because it is not fair. How many 3 year olds finish all their food at every meal? They are toddlers, their eating habits are not like adult ones yet. It is frustrating to me because my 2 year old can sit down take 2 bites of food, be done in 10 minutes and we think nothing of it. She is a 2 year old, her stomach is small she will eat when she is hungry. Meanwhile she is off playing and 45 minutes later my son and I are
> still battling it out. Other 3 year olds do not have to go through this battle at every meal. Now every battle has a winner and most days the 3 year old wins. So why do I get up everyday to fight a battle that I know I am going to lose? The answer is simple, while I am losing battles I am winning the war. 8 months ago my son had seizures daily, too many to even count. Today, while we are not seizure free (yet) his seizures have decreased by over 95%!! He is smiling again, making progress in all areas, and will soon be med free. A year ago he was on so many meds he could not even sit up without falling over, now he stands at the couch without falling over. So bring on the battles. I am just as determined to win the war as my 3 year old is to win the battle.

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