Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Keto Newspaper Story

The Contra Costa Times recently published a piece on the Ketogenic Diet. Our family was part of that interview. Here's the link.

Check it out:

A video clip about Noah is also featured to try and get the word out about the diet.

Hang in there everybody!!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Keto Tracking Page

Thanks to Shelly for letting me know that it was difficult to get to the Tracking Page from the link. I'm new at this blogging thing. So....... here it is.... the actual Tracking Page. Hope it works!!
I use the Meal Plan to mark off once the meal was eaten. Please make adjustments to fit the number of meals that your child eats and anything specific to your family. I use a Microsoft spreadsheet format.

Month Week #/Weight
Ketone Specific Gravity Meal Plan Seizure Activity Notes
Date Day AM Range PM Range AM PM #1 #2 #3 #4 #5








Friday, January 25, 2008

2 Helpful Hints

HINT #1:

It's true. Cinnamon can work miracles to get our keto kid to eat. A sprinkle in butter, with peanut butter, on a keto pancake... whatever works. Cinnamon adds flavor even in small amounts.

HINT #2:

Let your child drop a little food coloring into their cream, water, Hansen's carb free-sugar free soda, or whatever keto thing you can think of. It's delightful for them and can add variety in a simple way.


You know what? The diet is hard. It's a big time commitment and a lot of information is thrown at you very quickly but YOU CAN DO IT. These are the sacrifices we make to help our kids. This is completely do-able!! Your child was meant for you. You must be amazing because God trusted you with such a special human being. He knew you would love and take good care of this child

If you haven't tried the diet..... TRY IT!! It can be overwhelming but if it means one less seizure - it's worth it! If it doesn't work.... something else will.

Keep fighting. Keep loving. Keep praying.

I love my Keto Kid!

Sunday, January 20, 2008


My Keto Kid loves nuts!! This is one food that my Keto Kid eats that I wish wish wish I could eat regularly too. Macadamian nuts and Pecans go over great for Noah's Keto diet. He doesn't like mayo so most of his fat comes from either his Heavy Whipping Cream or butter. His meals that use macadamian nuts or pecans don't require butter. That's great because he can get sick of butter pretty easily. His favorite meals with nuts are Pecans, String Cheese, a little peeled apple and heavy cream to drink. Another is macadamian nuts, cheddar cheese, peeled apple and heavy cream. Hope your kids like them too!

I love my Keto Kid!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Keto Tracking

The Keto Diet requires keeping track of tons of information. My friend Kirstin gave me a copy of the form she uses for her son's information. I've adapted it a little and I use it daily for Noah's urine test, ketones, specific gravity, meals eaten and notes on any illnesses/seizure activity. Hopefully this might help you too:) I've published on Google Docs. The link to the Tracking Page is under my "Keto Keepers" Page Element to the left.

I love my Keto Kid!

My KetoKid

This is my KetoKid Noah!! Welcome to our blog about the Ketogenic Diet. I decided to start this blog in hopes that we can help other people with their KetoKids. I'll be posting diet suggestions; food we like, don't like, tricks for getting KetoKids to eat and anything else about the Keto Journey. I'm hoping blog readers w/KetoKids will input helpful ideas/hints and questions too. Support is key to making this diet work!! We couldn't have done it without our dear friends Kirstin & John & their KetoKid - Nikko! Thank you K,J, A & N!!! We love you!

Noah's story:

Currently 38 weeks seizure free on the Ketogenic Diet!!

Noah will be 5 yrs. old next month. He has a genetic form of epilepsy known as GEFS+ (Generalized Epilepsy Febrile Seizures Plus). His first seizure occured at 6 months. He has suffered weekly seizures on average and more often when ill. Most are tonic clonic with some complex partial as well. We guestimate around 200 seizures over the past 4 1/2 yrs. He has failed 4 anti-epileptic drugs and suffered through some serious side effects during those drug times. Noah's longest seizure lasted 3 hours. He has been hospitalized too many times to count, placed in the ICU many many times and usually suffocates on his saliva during seizures. We have come extremely close to losing our little guy many times. He is currently on Topamax although we aren't sure of its benefit at this point. But as most Keto parents know, we aren't removing the med currently because we are 38 weeks seizure free on 1/17/08 with the Ketogenic Diet. Why rock the boat now? Right?

Noah began the Keto Diet on 1/9/07. Under excellent supervision, we started this Keto Journey. During the first 3 months of the diet we "fine tuned" things a ton. Noah began at a 3:1 ratio w/1400 calories. After many adjustments, we settled in April at a 4:1 ratio & 1000 calories per day. April 27th was his last seizure.

We've had a few adjustments due to growth but he is currently at a 4:1 ratio w/1250 calories divided between 5 meals per day. He loves his diet! We love his diet! It means he is alive, happy, laughing and beginning Kindergarten in the fall in a regular classroom.

We're blessed to have him in our family. We are grateful to our God for bringing us to this diet. Grateful that it has helped. We hope to serve other families in their Keto Journey as a support, a listening ear and an idea board with this blog.

Thanks for reading!!
I love my Keto Kid!!

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