Sunday, November 30, 2008

Grumbling Over Grease Stains

Lately I've been grumbling over the grease stains. Grease stains are not only prevalent on my Keto Kid's clothing but on my clothes too. It's all the prep work that causes grease on my clothes. Uuugghh!

I asked the Yahoo Keto Moms and Dads how they handle the grease stains or if they just keep tossing clothes in the garbage. Here are the ideas they gave me:
  • Dawn or other grease fighting dishsoap. Place a small amount on the grease stain, rub and toss into the washer.
  • Ammonia (not sure how this one works) Please remember that ammonia combined with bleach products can be a deadly combo. Don't combine the two!
  • Spray-N-Wash Gel mixed with Resolve.
  • Tide paste (water & tide) rubbed into stain. Put clothing article in plastic bag overnight and wash with regular laundry.
Thanks for all of the input. Good luck with all of your oily Keto stains! Any other ideas? Post em!

Love my Keto Kid!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008



Sorry to put my *Halloween Hints* up a little late. Actually, I would love to hear everyone's Keto Kid Halloween experiences. So please leave a comment if you feel comfortable doing so.

Noah loves Trick or Treating with his big brothers! I have to admit, I felt a little sad when the boys came home afterwards, dumped their bags out & Noah had received 2 small toys in his entire boat-load of candy. Luckily, I had tons of plastic frogs & bubbles left over to add to his cheap toy pile. He loved it. Once the boys sift through their candy, Noah gives all of his to Daddy, Daddy gives him $20 & we take him to Toys R Us to buy the toy of his choice.

He loves this method! Hope to hear some of yours!
I love my Keto Kid!


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