Sunday, September 28, 2008

Candlelight Dinners

Kara, another Keto mom, uses candles each night at dinner. Kara has twin girls. Only one of the twins is on the diet. Can you imagine the challenge this brings into Kara's family's keto adventure! I'm strengthened by Kara's creative example and undeterred focus to help her child.

Candles at your dinner table can help your Keto kid!

Kara took her daughters to choose a dinner table candle. At dinner, the twins sit on opposite sides of the table and the candle is lit. The beauty of it isn't found in the candlelight itself but in the lights' brightness as it blocks the twins' view of the other's dinner plate.

Give it a try. It might mean a happier keto kid at the dinner table.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Back To School

My kids went Back to School at the end of August. Noah began Kindergarten. I'm proud of myself for actually leaving the parking lot. Actually I had nightmares of me sitting in my van crying while Noah was in class. Anyway, I didn't realize the Keto Quirks of having to send a meal with Noah to school. We changed his eating schedule to accommodate the classroom snack time. Another tricky element is that his Kindergarten Classroom is a "Nut Free" Zone. His current school Keto meal preference is cream, raspberries, pepperoni & cream cheese sandwiches. The last quirk to deal with is lunch containers. Most are too big & make his little Keto meal look even smaller. Some plastics leak - a big "no no." All need to be easy enough to open that Noah can open them by himself. The Keto Yahoo group members had lots of great ideas but the containers above were my favorite. They are from Bed, Bath & Beyond. The lids are cold packs! Brilliant for keeping that cream cold. They seem simple but a great solution.

My prayers are going out for all of the other Moms & Dads getting teary as you leave your epileptic child in the care of his/her school staff. Taking that step, trusting their teachers & getting in your car is overwhelmingly huge! But think how great it is for our children to develop some independance!! Awesome!

I love my Keto Kid

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