Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The World of Information at Your Fingertips

I have been thinking a lot lately about how frequently I search the internet for information. It is absolutely, without a doubt, the most amazing resource. I love it's convenience, ease of use, plethora of information from all over the world. It has been the medium in which I have found information or received information to help Noah through his journey with epilepsy and with the Ketogenic Diet as well.

Last week I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I felt very discouraged on Day 1 after finding out. On Day 2, I went immediately to my computer and the internet in order to learn as much as possible about, what was now, my disease. On Day 3, I was discouraged again because of the horrors that I saw on the net about RA. Day 4, I was stronger and more confident because I had continued my internet information search and found some very scholarly positive information about RA and it's possible impacts on my life.

So many memories came flooding back to me as I sat at the computer. Those first few months of working with Noah's epilepsy, the hours and hours and hours of research on-line to just try and understand epilepsy. I needed info to wrap my head around what was happening to him. I needed to find help, "a cure," details on medications and side affects...... You name it and I had searched for it! Anything to help my child fight this battle. The same situation occured just before beginning the Diet. Hours upon hours of research to help us make the decision to try the Ketogenic Diet.

Overall, I did end up with great information. But I really believe, that many of the people posting on the internet about the diseases we may have, about epilepsy, and especially about the anti-epileptic drugs, are the ones in the middle of it or sometimes in the worst of it. When people's lives are going great, diseases in remission, child no longer seizing, Diet questions answered and having success, then they have their lives back and they are off busily living life. Can I blame them? No way!!

But at the same time, it has made me more determined than ever to keep my blog going for ketogenics. Because, dangit...... there has to be more positive bloggers and websites to outweigh the negative experiences that are posted en mass!!! Our voices of "been there, struggled, bawled but now look at the possibilities" need to be heard loud and clear!

People in the clutches of epilepsy need to know that they CAN do this! They are awesome. They are not alone! The Diet is an option, a great option but if it doesn't work, many of us have been down that road too. We been down the anti-epileptic drug road with their unavoidable side affects. We've made and experienced the outcome of those difficult drug choices. We have mourned over our children's situation, we have fought the IEP School battles. We have shouldered the insensitive comments from family, neighbors and friends. We have received much love and support from those same people. We have been able to see the sun in the darkest of times. People in the horrible times need to have access to positive and hopeful information on the internet.

So..... I'm here to stay for awhile. I might only be able to post once a month, but my main message is that YOU CAN DO THIS! The Diet is manageable. It can be a miracle. Children with epilepsy and their families are special. We carry a heavy and stressful life load but we are unique. We fight these battles and live to smile and laugh for another day!

Stay positive everybody!
Share the good news too!
I love my Keto Kid!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Creativity is Waning

It's been three years and my keto meal planning creativity is waning. I've set a goal to "spice up" Noah's meal options. I'll keep the one's he loves like...
  • Pepperoni & Cream Cheese Sandwiches with 2 grams of Fishy Crackers & milk (heavy cream watered down).
  • Pudding - Almond Butter, Butter, unsweetened Baker's Cocoa, raw Oats and a glass of milk (hcwd).
  • Candied Pecans - Sauteed pecans in melted butter and coconut oil sprinkled with a titch of sweetener. Served with a side of strawberries and a glass of milk (hcwd).
I really try to keep his foods mostly natural and non-processed. The pepperoni, bacon and sausage are exceptions. I use a lot of nuts. We love using macadamian nuts ground up to a paste for baking muffins and other goodies. I use a ton of cheeses too.

Here is my dilemma..... I like quick fix meals.... I don't want to bake every meal is the other tricky thing.... Noah's carb allowance per meal is 2.81 g. That is not a lot and it makes meal design time consuming.

Once I create some new meals........ I will post them. But, if you have any ideas or suggestions, please post them in the comments box or email me at

Have a great day!
I love my Keto Kid

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