Monday, February 11, 2008

"Must Haves!"

Whether you're just starting the diet with your child or you're already well into the process, these are what I call "Must Haves!" In fact, I don't actually own them but I'm running out today to purchase them. These come strongly recommended by other Keto Parents!

Let's face it.....Heavy Whipping Cream is probably not that yummy! But, add a little sugar-free chocolate flavoring from Bickford Flavors (, a little Stevia or Sweet-N-Low, whip and "WahLah!" A yummy whipped cream treat.

The key to every thing you make with the diet it making sure your child eats every gram. This frother is an easy way to whip small portions of cream and not lose grams. The tiny scrapers are great to help you scrape out every last drop!!

I've thought that using my fingers was the most accurate way to scrape out every last bit, but ya know what......yuck. I'm buying these today. I found the frother at Target for $25 but they have a less expensive one for $10. The mini spatulas can be found anywhere and range from $7-$10 for 2.

Love my Keto Kid!!


Anonymous said...

Hi - love your blog and have been reading every entry. I just needed to say there's no such thing as "wahlah". The word is "voila" - it's French.

Cathy said...

That cracks me up! I took french for 3 years in High School. Okay, granted it was High School... and a very long time ago. Can I blame it on late night blogging?


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