Sunday, March 2, 2008

Back in The Saddle

Well, we're finally back in the saddle again. After regrouping and counting our blessings, I'm ready to get back to writing about Ketogenics. One seizure in 44 weeks has been great. But the one seizure sucked and it knocked us for a loop. Apparently for us, a few things might have contributed to Noah's breakthrough siezure....illness with fever, new type of butter(maybe), too much Crystal Light intake (calories). Anyway, who really knows? But these have been my focus. Go back to the butter that worked & never be tooo exhausted to go a little further to that one store that carries the butter you've always used. Don't switch anything if it is working. Don't let your keto kid suck down crazy amounts of sugar-free drinks because it still has calories and/or they won't remain "slightly dehydrated."

Ways to deal with the emotional crappiness of breakthrough seizures..... hot baths, crying, praying, counting your blessings, hugs from your hubby/kids and a cute 5 yr. old that looks at you while he is just waking up from his seizures to ask you "Why are you crying Mommy?"

Back In The Saddle!



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