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Sorry to put my *Halloween Hints* up a little late. Actually, I would love to hear everyone's Keto Kid Halloween experiences. So please leave a comment if you feel comfortable doing so.

Noah loves Trick or Treating with his big brothers! I have to admit, I felt a little sad when the boys came home afterwards, dumped their bags out & Noah had received 2 small toys in his entire boat-load of candy. Luckily, I had tons of plastic frogs & bubbles left over to add to his cheap toy pile. He loved it. Once the boys sift through their candy, Noah gives all of his to Daddy, Daddy gives him $20 & we take him to Toys R Us to buy the toy of his choice.

He loves this method! Hope to hear some of yours!
I love my Keto Kid!


Julie said...

We told Mackenzie she could go trick-or-treating. We told her that she could trade her candy in for money, we did $1.00 per pound. She ended up with $10.00 and bought a toy with it last night. She had a blast running thru the yards with the other kids and we had fun watching her knowing she was thrilled to go shopping for a toy!!!

Alison said...

Nathaniel also loves the dressing up and going door to door. He trades his candy for money. When he got home we separated the candy by size. the smallest were worth a penny, next largest were a nickel and on up to a quarter. Then he counted how many in each pile, and we figured out the money. Ended up with $10 - the next day we went to the toy store and he got to buy whatever he wanted. He really never minded not getting to eat the candy, it was all about the activity, and buying the toys the next day.

Cathy said...

Just received an idea from a keto yahoo family. Costco sold bags of 80 mini playdo cups for around $12. I'm on that for next Halloween!

Fawn said...

Since my daughter's still so young, she really doesn't miss the candy. We only go to our immediate neighbours and good friends down the street. Before Halloween, I put together bags of little toys and stickers and such from the Dollar Store, wrote up a little note about Jade's new diet (she started on the 27th!) and put them in the neighbours' mailboxes. They were so great about it, and one even got her a beautiful craft kit as an extra. It's the first Halloween that she could kind of "get" what was going on, and I know she loved it!

Jenn said...

I am a Keto RD. We just had our first annual food-free keto halloween party! It was a blast! Several of our families came and we're sure to grow it next year.

Thanks, keto moms, for all you do! You make my job wonderful!

Jenny said...

Naomi had fun just walking around dressed up, she could care less about the candy. She got out of the hospital the day before trick or treat!Had just started the ketogenic diet! She's 20 months old and has congnitive delays so it's a bit easy this year. There is a local orthodontist that buys the candy back from kids for $1/lb. and he also donates an equal amount to United Way then ships the candy overseas to the troops.

maicher said...
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