Saturday, December 27, 2008


Like every Keto family, we consistently test Noah's Ketones with a urine test. We use Multistix, which allows us to read both Ketones and Specific Gravity. Usually, I purchase the Multistix through the pharmacy at Children's Hospital but our insurance didn't cover them. The cost totalled $90 per bottle. Each bottle contains 100 sticks and we test Ketones twice a day. To save money, our dietitian suggested cutting the strips in half lengthwise. Reading the sticks takes some practice but once we got the hang of it, cutting the sticks in half and reading them became no problem.

Most recently though, I thought I would try to save some money and purchase the Multistix off of the Internet. I bought a bottle for $15 with $5 shipping. The strips are similar to the ones I normally purchase but the label on the back has slightly different colors for Specific Gravity. In fact the colors on the label to not correlate to the colors on the stick. The stick color changes are accurate with the normal Multistix bottle labels from the Children's Hospital pharmacy. Weird! 

I'm still on the search to save money on Multistix so if anyone has any ideas that would be great! I'll post when I figure this one out. I'm sure I can find some good Multistix for less than $90 a bottle. For now, try cutting them in half. It's a money saver!


Jennybell said...

Our dietitian said we didn't need to use Multisticks, just Ketosticks are fine. Ketosticks are $25 for 100 as opposed to $75 for 100 Multisticks (through our local pharmacy). It does seem if specific gravity doesn't have to be checked every single day that'd be more economical. My daughter drinks ALOT so her urine is usually pretty much like water anyway, so specific gravity isn't a problem with us.

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