Monday, August 24, 2009


My child has failed four different meds. He has been through side affects - the sleepiness, the grogginess, sadness, anger, crying, irritability, bone marrow supression, elongated seizure duration....

Because of all that he has been through, I appreciate these moments of AWAKENING. Noah's in one of those times right now. The "why" questions continue to pour out of him. He is expressing his unhappiness with his brothers when they aren't being fair. He is remembering past events so much more clearly.

Today Noah came in the house carrying this huge pine cone that he found on his walk with his big brothers. It was really heavy and made marks on his little arms. But he was sooo proud. He kept talking about it's color, how big it was, where he found it and where he wanted it to be kept.

I love these moments!


Fawn said...

Holy moly! That's a PINECONE? Not from any pines around here, that's for sure!

I think I know just what you mean. Jade actually understands the concept of "yesterday" now and tells me about things that happened. It's such a small thing that means so much healing in her brain!


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