Saturday, August 8, 2009

Preparing for School

Noah starts 1st grade in a few weeks. Although, I'm a bit nervous to place him in the care of others from 8:30am - 2:30pm, I know it will be a great thing for him. He loves school, loves friends and really enjoys the independence that accompanies attending public school. Here are a few of the steps we've taken to ensure Noah's safety and help us to feel confident in the care he will receive at school:
  1. 504 Mtgs. - We meet with the Principal, the 1st grade teaching staff as well as those teacher's whose classrooms are nearest to Noah's room, the district nurse, music and science teacher, teacher's aides and me. I wrote all of my concerns out prior to the meeting and emailed them to his 1st grade teacher and Principal. I wanted to have "a plan" laid out for handling the Diet as well as any possible seizure activity. (classroom, playground, lunchroom, music or art class, bathroom, p.e., library, etc.)
  2. Letter written to the parents of the children in Noah's classroom that explains both his epilepsy and his Diet. The letter requests that the parents never feed Noah anything, that their children not give food to Noah or other children and that if Noah has a seizure at school, they are more than welcome to call and ask any questions in order to help their child deal with what they have experienced.
  3. We adjusted Noah's meal times to allow him to have a small snack during 1st grade snack time. His lunch meal will also take place during the school lunch period. I was able to adjust his medication times so that he never has to receive meds at school. That is a tricky situation, so I'm glad we were able to adjust his med time.
  4. I'm searching for just the right book that can be read to Noah's first grade class explaining epilepsy and helping the other children to understand Noah a little bit more.
Part of me is sooo nervous that another child with make fun of or be mean to my child. But, there are plenty of sweet first graders that will be kind to him, watch out for him and treat him with respect. He is really excited for first grade! I'm excited for him.

Here we go....
Back to School!


pbrockett said...

Here are the titles of four excellent epilepsy books for sharing with children at school

Taking Seizure Disorders to School
Poss's School Days
Because You Are My Friend
That's What Friends Are For.

Best wishes Pauline


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