Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Creativity is Waning

It's been three years and my keto meal planning creativity is waning. I've set a goal to "spice up" Noah's meal options. I'll keep the one's he loves like...
  • Pepperoni & Cream Cheese Sandwiches with 2 grams of Fishy Crackers & milk (heavy cream watered down).
  • Pudding - Almond Butter, Butter, unsweetened Baker's Cocoa, raw Oats and a glass of milk (hcwd).
  • Candied Pecans - Sauteed pecans in melted butter and coconut oil sprinkled with a titch of sweetener. Served with a side of strawberries and a glass of milk (hcwd).
I really try to keep his foods mostly natural and non-processed. The pepperoni, bacon and sausage are exceptions. I use a lot of nuts. We love using macadamian nuts ground up to a paste for baking muffins and other goodies. I use a ton of cheeses too.

Here is my dilemma..... I like quick fix meals.... I don't want to bake every meal is the other tricky thing.... Noah's carb allowance per meal is 2.81 g. That is not a lot and it makes meal design time consuming.

Once I create some new meals........ I will post them. But, if you have any ideas or suggestions, please post them in the comments box or email me at

Have a great day!
I love my Keto Kid


Fawn said...

You're just starting to see your creativity waning after three years? We've gone not quite a year and a half and I'm feeling it already. Although I guess I DO have fewer ingredients to work with since we can't do dairy, eggs, or beef and try to stay gluten-free, as well!

Something VERY simple that we do is serve some protein with a drizzle of oil and salt, with a side of applesauce and oil mixed into it, and then a blob of coconut oil on the side (which could be sweetened, if desired). It's amazing how much oil you can blend into applesauce, even though you don't think it will work at first. I sometimes add Bickford's cinnamon, so I don't have to calculate cinnamon for a change of flavour.

Have you ever tried using coconut milk instead of cream? You can give the drink a bit of a change of flavour like that. It has fewer carbs and you can mix canola into it to bump the fat content way up. I've also used baby food or pureed fruit to turn it into a smoothie.

Another thing Jade loves is chicken in peanut sauce. For that one, I soften some pure peanut butter, blend in some vegan mayo, coconut oil, canola, and a wee bit of chili powder, then I add the cooked chicken into it. (I always keep a container of cooked and cubed chicken in the fridge.) Then she can have some fruit on the side, since there's still carb left over, even at 4.75:1.

I've also used coconut milk as a base for lemon-dill sauce to go on salmon.

What about experimenting with ingredients you don't normally use, such as ground pork and cabbage?

Does Noah get snacks, too? I have a sucker recipe that Jade loves, and yesterday she asked for tomatoes (because her baby sister was getting them!) and I made her a wee tomato salad with walnuts, apple cider vinegar, and walnut oil. You could make that into part of a meal and add some fresh basil or even mint to kick up the flavour factor.

Maybe you need to revisit recipes you used early on but forgot about... I know I have so many in the calculator that I lose track of stuff that Jade got tired of but would probably like again.

She used to love having sweetened berries in melted butter and coconut oil as part of her meal... I should try doing that again! Or fruit salad with some coconut milk on top and a sprinkling of sesame seeds -- that's a yummy one for non-keto folks, too! :)

I hope some of these help...

Tam said...

I am so there and Luke continues to evolve his picky tastes.

Big here right now:

cheese chip with bbq (homemade from tomato sauce, oil, a touch of soy, and red pepper)

eggs and cheese

bacon and popcorn (w/butter)

All of these have flavored cream with them.

When I try to get more creative (pancakes, cream cheese custard) he tends to turn up his nose and the brothers get to eat it.


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