Sunday, January 20, 2008


My Keto Kid loves nuts!! This is one food that my Keto Kid eats that I wish wish wish I could eat regularly too. Macadamian nuts and Pecans go over great for Noah's Keto diet. He doesn't like mayo so most of his fat comes from either his Heavy Whipping Cream or butter. His meals that use macadamian nuts or pecans don't require butter. That's great because he can get sick of butter pretty easily. His favorite meals with nuts are Pecans, String Cheese, a little peeled apple and heavy cream to drink. Another is macadamian nuts, cheddar cheese, peeled apple and heavy cream. Hope your kids like them too!

I love my Keto Kid!


Colin W said...

Beautifully done. Colin was on the keto diet for 2 1/2 years and we weren't as lucky as Noah. I DO however have some "leftovers" from that time! One way I got Colin to eat his butter was i made butter pops. I would soften the butter, put it into those candy molds on a stick, then freeze em. He would gobble them up! I still have all those candy molds if you'd like them to try! Let me know.....I would be more than happy to mail em to ya. Black olives were his favorite free food. And hot dogs are ketogenically balanced....check em the brand tho. Good luck! I will check your progress from time to time...i love success stories!! Hugs, Candace, mom to Colin & Cailean, both Dravet.

Cathy said...

Candace - thanks for your comments. I haven't thought of butter pops. Do you flavor them in any way? He just liked frozen butter on a stick?? HMMM?? I have molds that could work for that purpose!! I'm tryin' it this week:)


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