Saturday, March 15, 2008

Lab Work

One of the joys of an epileptic keto kid is the constant lab work. At least once a quarter Noah has blood drawn. I remember the small infant wail when he was a baby. Needle stick-wail-whimper-nursing to sleep. Age 1 1/2-3 yrs was crying, screeming and pulling his arm away. Do you blame him. But for the last two years it's become no big deal. He is a little sad about it but only says "ouch" and wants a sticker. Noah is a great sport.

The real reason I wanted to blog about Lab Work is to make you aware that you can ask for a copy of all of your child's Lab Work. I started doing this a year ago. I've learned so much about the different levels that are being monitored. It's helped me with Keto questions and understanding the workings of the body (electrolytes, minerals, vitamins, acidosis,etc.)

I am his constant advocate. I am the parent that has been in the hospital 24/7 with him (my husband stays home with our other children). I go to all Pediatric, Neurologic, Dietary, Dental and school appointments. I need all of the information and the knowledge necessary to help my child through this monster of a challenge called "epilepsy". Ask for the info - insist on it! It can only help!


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