Sunday, April 20, 2008


It happened again. Another seizure:( It has been a difficult weekend. Friday morning, Noah had another seizure just before waking. April 27th, 2007, February 21st, 2008 & April 18, 2008 - Noah's last 3 seizures. It 's great for him to have had only 3 in the past year. BUT, 2 of those were in the past 8 weeks. I'm not happy about that.

Looking over my notes, the only pattern I can see is a lack of sleep the previous 3 nights & illness on the day of the seizure. He was up about 1 1/2 hrs later than normal the 3 nights prior to his seizure this past week and the same type of situation in February. It's the only thing I can pin down. He's had other illnesses without seizures this past winter so, I'm not going to give into to the "It's just the illness" reason.

Sleep is incredibly important for all kids but especially for epileptic kids. My girlfriend, Kirstin guards her son Nikko's sleep too. Nikko is 2 years seizure free on the diet!! Happy 2 Year Seizure Free Birthday Nikko!!!

Guard their sleep! I'm tightening my reigns on his sleep habits. If I know he'll be up a little later one day, he has to nap that afternoon. It has to happen!! I don't want him to slip back to where he was a year ago. The diet has been awesome for Noah. Please pray for him & us. We are pretty freaked right now.

I love my KetoKid



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